Harvia M3 Wood burning sauna heater: Experience a traditional sauna atmosphere

Since the beginning of time, saunas have been heated with wood. Wood saunas are known for their authentic and relaxing atmosphere. The Harvia M3 wood-burning sauna heater is a compact model that will give you many years of trouble-free service. With its small size, the Harvia M3 can be installed in many types of saunas. In this article, we will learn more about wood-burning saunas and M3 heaters. So if you are planning to buy or build a wood-burning sauna, this article is for you!

What are wood-burning saunas?

As the name suggests, wood-burning saunas are saunas that are heated with wood. Wood-burning saunas have a long tradition and are known for their relaxing and authentic atmosphere.

Nowadays, there are many different types of wood-burning saunas available on the market. They have their own unique features and benefits.

But one thing is for sure – if you want to experience a traditional sauna atmosphere, wood-burning saunas rea the way to go!

How does a wood-burning sauna room work?

Wood-burning saunas use woodburning stoves that use wood as fuel. The wood is burned in the stove, and the heat is then transferred to the sauna room through the rocks that are placed on top of the stove.

Woodburning stoves significantly shorten the heating time of the sauna room. In a traditional sauna, it takes about 30-60 minutes to heat the sauna room to the desired temperature.

Now when it comes to ventilation, wood-burning saunas are very efficient. The heat and the smoke from the stove are quickly drawn up the chimney, leaving the sauna room clean and fresh.

You can either buy a stylish wood-burning stove or get a budget-friendly model. You can enjoy your sauna bath with the warm glow of the woodburning stove.

Benefits of wood-burning saunas

Here are some of the main benefits of wood-burning saunas:

1. Traditional experience

If you are looking for a more traditional sauna experience, then a wood-burning sauna is the way to go. These types of saunas have been around for centuries and offer an authentic way to enjoy a sauna. The classic design and wood-burning heaters create a unique and relaxing experience.

2. Wooden aroma

As the wood gets burned in the sauna, it emits a pleasant smell that can help you relax even more. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer wood-burning saunas over electric ones. It will be an enjoyable bath time for you with the added bonus of a lovely scent.

3. Relaxing heat

Wood-burning saunas offer a more gentle and relaxing heat than electric saunas. This is because the heat is not as intense, which can be beneficial if you have sensitive skin or are looking to avoid feeling too sweaty during your sauna session.

4. Cost-effective

Another great benefit of wood-burning saunas is that they are generally more cost-effective than electric saunas. This is because you only need to purchase the wood and there is no ongoing cost for electricity.

5. Health benefits

There are many health benefits associated with saunas, such as improved circulation, detoxification of the body, and relief from muscle pain. A wood-burning sauna can offer all of these benefits and more.

Harvia M3 specifications

With a size of 15 3/8″w x 17″d x 28″h, the Harvia M3 is a perfect choice for small spaces. The beautiful, round-shaped heater has a stainless steel interior and three stones. The heater can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall with the brackets included in the delivery.

Even though it’s not a pipe model water heater, it still offers the same great benefits as a wood-burning sauna.

With an efficient air circulation guarantee and a weight of 100lbs (45kg), the Harvia M3 is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a wood-burning sauna without taking up too much space.

It costs around $380-$400, which makes it an affordable option for a small wood-burning sauna.


Imagine you are sitting in a sauna with a glass door and wall. You see the flickering flames of the wood-burning heater and feel the soft, pleasant heat enveloping your body. The scent of the wood fills the air and makes you feel even more relaxed. If you are looking for this kind of experience, you can go with the Harvia M3. This small wood-burning sauna is perfect for those who want to enjoy the traditional sauna experience without spending too much money.