How to build an outdoor wood-burning sauna?

If you are looking for an authentic and traditional sauna experience, you can't go wrong with wood-burning saunas. Most sauna enthusiasts around the world agree that a wood-burning sauna heats up more evenly and provides more consistent heat than an electric sauna. They are also cheaper than electric and infrared saunas so you can save money in the long run. In this article, we will be sharing everything you need to know about wood-burning saunas from how to build one to how to maintain it.

Benefits of an outdoor sauna

There are many benefits of outdoor saunas, here are some of them:

1. No need to install ventilation

One of the biggest benefits of having an outdoor sauna is that you don’t need to install ventilation since the smoke will just dissipate in the air. On the other hand, indoor saunas require ventilation to avoid indoor air pollution. And this can be a hassle if you’re not planning to use your sauna regularly.

2. More traditional and authentic experience

Another benefit of an outdoor wood-burning sauna is that it provides a more traditional and authentic experience. This is because the tradition of using wood-burning saunas originated in Finland where the majority of the population still uses them today.

3. You don’t need to worry about the size and type

If you’re building your sauna outside this means, you will have plenty of areas to work with. So whether you are building a barrel sauna or cabin saunas, you won’t need to worry about the size or type. In addition, you will have plenty of room to add other features such as a shower or a pool.

4. You can enjoy nature

Imagine you are coming back from a long day and want to relax in your sauna surrounded by nature. With an outdoor sauna, this is possible and it makes the experience even better. You will be able to enjoy your hot bath and nature at the same time. All our outdoor saunas will also increase the value of our property and will be a great addition to your backyard.

5. Perfect for social gatherings

Have you ever wanted to invite your friends over for a sauna party? With an outdoor wood-burning sauna, this is possible and it will make the experience even better. Not only will you be able to enjoy the company of your friends but also the nature around you. Since you will have plenty of room, you can take advantage of it and add some other features such as a hot tub, fire pit, or barbecue area.

What are outdoor sauna kits?

A sauna kit is simply a pre-packaged sauna that includes all the necessary materials and instructions needed to build an outdoor sauna.

When it comes to wood-burning saunas, there are two types of kits:

1. Prefabricated saunas: These saunas come with all the necessary parts cut and ready to be assembled. All you need to do is follow the instructions and put it together.

2. Sauna kits: These saunas come with all the necessary materials but you will need to cut the parts yourself. This is a great option if you’re looking for a more custom sauna experience.

How does a wood-burning sauna work?

Wood-burning saunas use a wood-burning stove that heats the stones inside the sauna. The heat from the stones will then radiate and warm up the air inside the sauna.

The stove is usually placed in the middle of the sauna so that the heat can be evenly distributed throughout the space.

To use a wood-fired sauna, you will need to:

1. Build a fire on the stove and let it burn for 30 minutes to an hour.

2. Remove the ashes from the stove and add more wood if needed.

3. Place the stones inside the stove and let them heat up for 15 minutes.

4. Pour water over the stones to create steam.

These saunas are pretty simple to use and don’t require special skills and knowledge. However, if you’re planning to build one from scratch, it’s important to consult with a professional to make sure it’s done correctly.

What type of sauna accessories do you need?

Now when it comes to sauna accessories there are plenty of options to choose from. Depending on your budget and preference you can choose from a variety of options such as:

1. Sauna benches

2. Hot tubs

3. Firepits

4. Sauna heaters

5. Sauna doors

6. Sauna lights

7. Sauna thermostats

8. Towel racks

9. Stools

10. Buckets and ladles

11. Sauna heater

12. Steam rooms


As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to sauna accessories. However, the most important thing is to make sure you get the essentials such as the benches, doors, and lights.

Once you have the essentials, you can then start to add other features that will make your sauna even more enjoyable.

How to build wood-burning outdoor saunas?

So now that we know one or two things about wood-burning saunas, let’s take a look at how to build one.

1. Choose a location

The location matters a lot when it comes to wood-burning saunas. You need to make sure the location is large enough to accommodate the size of the sauna and also has good drainage.

Also, you don’t want to put your sauna under a tree or in an area where there’s a lot of shade. This is because any fallen branch or leaves can damage the sauna.

2. Prepare the ground

Once you’ve chosen the location, you need to prepare the ground for the sauna. This involves leveling the area and also adding a layer of gravel. The gravel will help with drainage and also make it easier to move the sauna around if needed.

You want to make sure the ground is flat, clean, and level before you start building the sauna.

3. Decide what type of sauna you want

Whether you want barrel saunas, heaven saunas, or just a simple rectangular sauna, you need to decide on the design before you start building.

The type of sauna will determine the size and also shape of the sauna. Once you’ve decided on the design, you can then start to build it.

4. Get  your sauna kit

Now it’s time to get your sauna kit. This kit will come with all the necessary materials including the walls, ceiling, flooring, and also the door.

When it comes to sauna kits, make sure you choose one that’s made from high-quality materials. This is because you want your sauna to last for many years and also be able to withstand the heat.

5. Assemble the sauna

Once you have the sauna kit, it’s time to start assembling it according to the instructions. This process can be done by yourself or with the help of a professional.

If you’re doing it by yourself, make sure you follow the instructions carefully and also take your time. Rushing through the process can result in mistakes being made.

6. Set the heater

Setting up the heater can be confusing and challenging so make sure to read the instructions carefully. If you’re having trouble, you can always consult with a professional. Once the heater is set up, you need to test it out to make sure it’s working properly.

7. Add the accessories

Now it’s time to decorate and add all the finishing touches to your sauna. This includes adding the benches, doors, lights, and also any other accessories you want.

Again, make sure to take your time and follow the instructions carefully. Once you’re done, you can then sit back, relax, and enjoy your very own wood-burning sauna.


So there you have it! This is how you can build your very own wood-burning sauna. Just remember to take your time, follow the instructions, and also consult with a professional if needed. With a little bit of effort, you’ll have a beautiful and relaxing sauna that you can enjoy for many years to come.