The Complete Guide How to build a Barrel Sauna the right away

Find out what's involved, the tools and materials required PLUS diagrams and plans.

Are you considering Building Your Own Barrel Sauna?

Perhaps you've been looking at buying a barrel sauna but can't get one quickly enough, perhaps they're a bit too pricey or maybe you'd just like a good DIY project.

How to Build a Barrel Sauna - The Ultimate Guide provides detailed instruction, diagram and plans to build your own barrel sauna.

This includes a full list of tools, materials and where to get them.

Save Yourself Hours of Research with this Simple, Easy to Ready Guide

A sauna does wonders for relieving stress, cleansing away toxins, getting you high on endorphins, and just overall making you love life. This Build a Barrel Sauna ebook will show you step by step how to build your very own barrel sauna - complete with plans, detailed instructions and tips we couldn’t include in the email course

Here’s what’s inside:

The tools and materials you need to build your own barrel sauna

We'll go through every tool that you will need for construction. What kind of saw do you need? What is the best router or wood shaper to use? All tools will be relatively easy for you to find and use

The best wood to make your sauna, and where to find it

What type of wood is best for sauna construction? And where can you get it?

How to prepare your wood, and build your barrel sauna

We'll go through the process of preparing your wood and then building your sauna, step by step. You can also watch videos that you can follow down to every detail.

How to build the end walls of your sauna and make a door

This is an important part of the construction that you need to get right.

How to choose and prepare the perfect location to put your sauna

Your sauna can be built in multiple locations. We will go into the details of the various locations you can choose from and how to prepare the area.

How to assemble your DIY barrel sauna

This is the A-Z guide with the exact details you are going to use in construction down to every screw, nail, and joint

How to heat your sauna using wood or an electric heater

We’ll help you decide which one suits your needs best, and how to get your sauna up to temp.

Detailed plans, tips, guides and drawings of every stage of construction

No step is missed!

Mistakes to avoid.

We'll also show you the most common mistakes first-time sauna builders make, and how to avoid falling into the same traps.

What’s different about this eBook compared to the Free Email Course?
Detailed plans, drawings and instructions. Unfortunately we just couldn't cover all the detail necessary in the email course, which is why we recommend this eBook which goes into every detail you need so you can be sure to get your sauna built right the first time.

Meet Dave:

Dave had been feeling tired and stressed. Lockdown and the stress of family, school and work took their toll. His wife treated him to a spa day to help her relax and it was there that he first tried out the sauna.
Dave didn't really understand why, but he felt better after just 10 minutes in there!
He loved it so much that his wife convinced him to build a sauna in the back garden using our eBook.
And he was happy to do it! He loved the feeling of his muscles relaxing after a workout and had been missing the gym throughout lockdown.
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