Sauna Bench Heights

Let's be honest, a sauna is not complete without a sauna bench. Sauna benches provide comfort and relaxation during your sauna session, and they also add to the aesthetics of the sauna. But what is the ideal height for a sauna bench? There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Let's find out more about sauna bench dimensions and how you can choose the right one for you!

How Much Bench Space Is Required For Your Sauna Room?

Traditional saunas are small, and they are typically designed to accommodate 2-4 people.

The benches in these saunas are usually built into the walls and they are not movable.

If you have a small sauna, you may only need one bench, but if you have a larger sauna, you may want to consider adding additional benches.

When it comes to sauna bench width, the average width is between 12 inches and 20 inches.

The width of the bench will depend on the size of the sauna and the number of people who will be using it. You don’t want to cover the entirety of your sauna with benches, as this will make it difficult to move around.

You also want to make sure that there is enough space between the benches so that people can sit comfortably without being too close to each other.

You can start by measuring your sauna and then decide on the number of benches you need and their width. This way, you can make sure that your sauna is both comfortable and functional.

The goal is to create a relaxing and comfortable environment, so make sure to take these factors into consideration when choosing the right bench width for your sauna.

What Is The Ideal Size Of Sauna Benches?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the ideal size of sauna benches.

As we mentioned before, it all depends on your personal preferences and the size of your sauna.

The typical sauna bench height is around 18″ for a lower bench and 36″ for an upper bench. However, these heights are not set in stone and can be adjusted to your liking.

If you want a more comfortable experience, we recommend going with a taller bench. This way, you can relax and enjoy the heat without having to worry about your back or knees.

Now when it comes to the width, the typical width of a sauna bench is around 18″ to 22″.

You also have to consider your ceiling height as well. Consider it a dressing room and make sure you have enough space to move around and change comfortably.

If you’re planning on adding a shelf above the bench, make sure there are at least 2 feet of clearance between the top of the bench and the ceiling.

In general, the wider the bench, the more comfortable it will be. However, it’s not necessary to go too overboard.

What Are Sauna Benches Made Of?

Now when it comes to the materials, you have a lot of options to choose from!

For example, some sauna benches are made from wood, while others are made from stone.

There are also those that are made from plastic and even metal!

However, metal is not a good idea as it can get very hot.

The most popular options are wood and stone as they are both durable and look great.

The metal used to build a sauna door can be used to make a sauna bench as well. You have to remember that as the hot air rises, the temperature of the sauna will increase, so it is important to have a bench that can withstand the heat.

Cedarwood, for example, is a very popular choice for sauna benches as it is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage.

How To Choose The Right Sauna Bench?

As a sauna user, you want to enhance the experience and get the most out of it.

To do that, you need to choose the right sauna bench.

Here are some things that you need to consider:

1. The size of your sauna

The sauna ceiling height and the size of the sauna room will dictate the maximum length of the sauna bench.

You don’t want a bench that’s too long and protrudes from the edge of the sauna.

The goal is to have a sauna bench that’s long enough for you to lie down on and relax, but not so long that it takes up too much space in the sauna.

2. The shape of your sauna

Barrel saunas, for example, have rounded walls which may make it difficult to find a sauna bench that fits snugly against the wall.

If you have a barrel sauna, you may want to consider a corner bench which is specifically designed to fit in the corner of a round room.

Or if you have a squared-off sauna, you may want to choose a traditional sauna bench that sits flush against the wall.

3. Number of people using the sauna

If you’re the only one using the sauna, then you can choose any size or shape of a bench. But if you plan on sharing the sauna with others, then you need to take their needs into consideration as well.

Will there be two of you using the sauna at the same time? If so, then you may want to choose a sauna bench that’s long enough for both of you to sit on.

Or if you have a large family or group of friends who will be using the sauna together, then you may want to choose a sauna bench that’s big enough to accommodate everyone.

4. Your budget

Of course, your budget is also a factor to consider when choosing a sauna bench.

There is a wide range of prices for sauna benches, so you need to find one that fits within your budget.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the most expensive bench is the best one. There are plenty of high-quality sauna benches that are reasonably priced.

5. The type of sauna heater you have

It is a big consideration because some sauna heaters are designed to be used with a certain type of material.

For example, an infrared sauna produces dry heat so any type of wood can be used for the sauna bench.

But a traditional sauna uses a wood sauna stove that can affect the humidity levels in the sauna.

So if you have a traditional sauna, you need to choose a sauna bench that’s made from a material that can withstand high levels of humidity, like cedar.

6. Indoor saunas vs outdoor saunas

If you have an indoor sauna, then you have more options because you don’t have to worry about the weather or temperature changes damaging the bench.

But if you have an outdoor sauna, then you need a top bench that can withstand the elements. You may want to choose a sauna bench that’s made from weather-resistant materials, like cedar or redwood.


So there you have it! Now the right size and shape of a sauna bench are entirely up to you. The main thing is to find a sauna bench that will offer the most comfort and enjoyment for you and anyone else who uses the sauna. Consider the factors that we mentioned and find the perfect sauna bench for your needs!