Sauna Buckets

A sauna bucket is an important part of sauna bathing. You might have seen people pouring water over the hot sauna rocks to create steam. This is done using a sauna bucket. Sauna buckets come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have a handle and a spout for pouring. Let's find out more about sauna buckets!

What Are Sauna Buckets?

Sauna buckets are exactly what they sound like – buckets designed specifically for use in saunas.

Most sauna buckets are made out of wood, although some are made out of plastic or other materials. Metal sauna buckets are one of the most popular choices, as they tend to retain heat better than other materials.

Sauna buckets are typically filled with water and then placed in the sauna room. Sauna buckets and ladles are used to scoop water onto the sauna rocks, which creates steam and increases the humidity levels.

What Sauna Buckets Are Used For?

Sauna buckets are mostly used to hold water and scoop water over the sauna rocks to create steam.

Buckets ladles and tongs are the primary tools used to pour water over the sauna rocks. The water hisses and pops when it hits the hot rocks, creating steam that fills the sauna.

For traditional saunas, sauna buckets and ladles are an essential part of the experience. They add to the relaxation and feeling of being in nature, as well as the sound and smell of the steam.

Sauna buckets are also used to hold cold water for cooling down after a sauna session. This is done by scooping water from the bucket and pouring it over the body.

What Sauna Buckets Are Made Of?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking sauna buckets are regular household items. They are made of high-quality and heat-resistant materials to withstand extreme temperatures.

The most popular sauna buckets are made of redwood and cedar wood. However, metal and plastic are also common materials.

Redwood and cedar are two of the best materials for sauna buckets because they are very durable and have natural insulating properties. This means they will keep the water hot for longer periods of time.

Metal sauna buckets are also a good choice because they conduct heat well and can be used to pour water over the sauna rocks to create steam quickly.

Plastic sauna buckets are the most affordable option, but they are not as durable as metal or wood.

Where To Buy Sauna Buckets?

You can buy sauna buckets from many different places, but the best place to buy them is from a sauna supply store. Make sure to get a bucket that is made specifically for saunas, as regular buckets will not withstand the heat.

You can also buy them online. You will have multiple options to choose from and can have them delivered right to your door. You can use meta pay, PayPal, or a credit card to make your purchase.

Most websites are selling alphabetically, z a price manner, and it is good to have an idea of what you want before you checkout.

Most items are set a z alphabetically so you can find what you need fast.


A sauna bucket and a ladle are essential for a traditional sauna experience. However, with so many options available, make sure you know what you want before making your purchase. So make sure to do your research and purchase from a trusted source.