What To Wear In The Sauna?

To enhance the experience of your sauna sessions, it is important that you wear the right type of clothing. The heat should properly be distributed to your body and clothes should not absorb too much heat and make you feel uncomfortable. The right clothing will also help your skin to breathe and prevent it from getting irritated. In this article, we will be discussing what are the best types of clothing to wear in the sauna so you can enjoy your sauna experience to the fullest. So if you have a private sauna at home or you plan on going to the public sauna,

Do I have to wear anything in a steam room?

You can walk into a sauna naked, as long as you are the only person in there.

However, if you are visiting a public sauna with other people, it is customary to wear a bathing suit or shorts and a t-shirt.

This way, you can avoid any awkward situations and everyone can feel comfortable.

It mainly depends on the sauna culture in your country or region. Some people believe that it is more hygienic to wear something while others argue that it does not make a difference.

If you are unsure, it is always better to err on the side of caution and wear something.

What to wear in a sauna?

Now when it comes to what to wear in a sauna, there are a few factors that you need to take into account. Such as

The temperature is an important factor to consider because you don’t want to overheat your body. The hot air in the sauna can reach up to 80 degrees Celsius and it can be very dehydrating.

What should you wear?

Now that we have looked into the factors that you need to take into account, let’s take a look at what you should wear in the sauna.

1. Cotton clothes

If you want to wear clothes in the sauna, the best type of clothing to wear is cotton. Cotton is a natural fabric that is breathable and will not absorb too much heat. This means that it will not make you feel uncomfortable and it will also prevent your skin from getting irritated.

Another advantage of wearing cotton clothes is that they are easy to dry and clean. You don’t want to wear dusty and dirty clothes to the sauna as it can be very unhygienic.

2. Workout clothes

If you are in a gym sauna, it is perfectly acceptable to wear your workout clothes. This is because they are made from breathable fabrics that will not absorb too much heat.

Workout clothes are also easy to dry and clean, which is ideal for a sauna environment. However, make sure that your clothes are not drenched in sweat as this can be very unhygienic.

3. Just a towel

One of the popular choices for what to wear in the sauna is simply a towel. This is probably the most basic and simplest option, but it will get the job done. All you need is a large towel that you can wrap around your body.

This will protect your skin from the heat and also give you a bit of modesty.

4. Loose-fitting clothing

Any clothes that are loose-fitting and made from natural fiber will work well in the sauna. Cotton, linen, and wool are all good choices. An oversized t-shirt would be a good option, for example!

Whether it’s an infrared sauna, portable sauna, or a traditional home sauna, any loose-fitting clothing will be comfortable and allow your skin to breathe and enjoy the hot steam.

What should you not wear in a sauna?

So now that we have looked at what you should wear, let’s take a look at what you should not wear in the sauna.

1. Nylon and polyester

You should avoid wearing any clothing that is made from nylon or polyester. This is because these fabrics are not breathable and will absorb a lot of heat. This can make you feel very uncomfortable and can also irritate your skin.

2. Tight-fitting clothing

Another type of clothing to avoid is tight-fitting clothing. This is because tight clothes will not allow your skin to breathe and can also make you feel very uncomfortable. A swimming suit is a big no-no!

4. Dirty clothing

If you are in a public sauna, they won’t even allow you in if you’re wearing dirty clothes. It’s important to be clean and presentable when using a sauna, especially if it’s a shared space. Wearing dirty or sweaty clothing is not only unhygienic, but it can also be very off-putting for other people. You must follow the gym sauna etiquette!

5. Shoes

You should not wear shoes in public saunas, as they are considered to be dirty and unhygienic. If you are in a private sauna, then you can wear shoes if you want to. But wearing slippers or flip-flops can be more comfortable.

Final thoughts

Now that you know what to wear in the sauna, it’s time to enjoy your sauna session! Just remember to take into account the temperature, the duration of your session, and your personal preferences. And of course, make sure that you follow the sauna etiquette if you are in a public sauna.