Wood Hot Tub: Everything You Need to Know About Wood Fired Hot Tub

If you are looking for a traditional hot tub experience with a modern twist, then a wood-fired hot tub is perfect for you. Wood-fired hot tubs offer all the benefits of a regular hot tub, plus they add a unique element that will make your experience even more special.

Let’s learn more about wood-fired hot tubs from how they work to their benefits.

What is a wooden hot tub?

As you can tell by the name, a wood-fired hot tub is one that is heated by a wood stove. This is in contrast to the more common electric or gas-powered models. Wood-fired hot tubs have been around for centuries and were once the only type of hot tub available.

Nowadays, they are making a comeback as people are looking for more natural and eco-friendly ways to heat their hot tubs.

How do wood-fired hot tubs work?

Wood-fired hot tubs work by using a wood-fired snorkel stove to heat the water. The wood stove is usually located underneath the hot tub and heats the water from there.

You will need to add wood to the fire regularly in order to keep the water at the desired temperature.

As the hot water rises, it will eventually reach the top of the hot tub where you can get in and enjoy your nice hot soak.

You can also add bubbles as well as other features to your wood-fired hot tub to make your experience even more enjoyable.

What is a DIY wood-fired hot tub?

If you want to build wooden hot tub yourself, you will need to purchase a hot tub kit. These kits come with everything you need to build your own wood-fired hot tub.

You can find several different hot tub kits online or at your local home improvement store. Once you have your kit, simply follow the instructions to put it together.

Building your own hot tub can be a fun way to get the entire family involved in the project. Plus, it can save you money since you will not have to pay someone else to do it for you.

What type of wood is used to build a wooden hot tub?

Cedar wood is probably the most popular type of wood used to build wooden hot tubs. This is because cedar is a very strong and durable wood that can withstand the elements.

A cedar hot tub can also last very long and will not need to be replaced as often as other types of hot tubs. Cedar hot tubs are also very beautiful and will add a touch of luxury to your backyard.

Other types of wood that can be used to build hot tubs include redwood, teak, and cypress. No matter what type of wood you choose, make sure it is properly treated so that it can withstand the elements.


Benefits of wood-fired hot tub

Here are some of the key benefits of using a wood-fired hot tub:

1. Traditional hot tub experience

Lumber-yard hot tubs offer a more traditional and authentic experience than their electric or propane counterparts. There’s something about the crackle of the fire and the smell of the wood smoke that adds to the relaxation and ambiance of a hot tub session.

2. Environmentally friendly

The heating system of a wood-fired hot tub is much more environmentally friendly than those that rely on fossil fuels. If you use wood from sustainable sources, your hot tub can be completely carbon-neutral. These hot tubs use wood to make the water hot so there are no emissions from the process.

3. Low operating costs

The initial investment for a wood-fired hot tub might be higher than other types, but the operating costs are much lower. Once you’ve built or bought your hot tub, the only ongoing expense is the cost of the wood to heat it. Wood is also a renewable resource, so it’s a sustainable fuel source. Even an electric heater will cost more to operate because you have to factor in the price of electricity.

4. Off-grid capability

Wood-fired hot tubs can be used even if you don’t have access to the grid. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, you can heat your hot tub without being connected to utilities. This makes them perfect for living off grid and in an off-grid home.

5. Add value to your house

If you’re thinking of selling your home, a wood-fired hot tub can add value. Hot tubs are always a selling point, and a unique feature like a wood-fired one will make your house stand out from the rest. You can easily stand out from the competition by adding a wood-fired hot tub to your home.

6. Heated year-round

Wood-fired hot tubs can be used all year round, even in cold weather. The water will stay warm as long as you keep feeding the fire. This makes them perfect for use in any season and in any climate.

Downsides of wooden hot tubs

So now that we have looked at the benefits of wood-fired hot tubs, let’s take a look at some of the potential drawbacks:

1. More maintenance

Wood-fired hot tubs require more maintenance than other types. The fire needs to be stoked and the water needs to be regularly tested and treated. You also need to make sure that the wood you’re using is dry and of good quality to avoid problems with the fire.

2. Limited space

Wood-fired hot tubs are usually smaller than electric or propane models because they need to be close to the fire. This limits the number of people who can use the hot tub at one time. However, you can find larger models if you have the space and the budget.

3. Not as portable

Wood-fired hot tubs are not as portable as other types because they need to be close to the fire. This means that they’re not as convenient for taking on trips or vacations. For this reason, you might have to go with a different type of hot tub if you want something that’s more portable.

4. Costly

Cedar woods are not cheap. Even if you manage to find someone selling it for a reasonable price, the shipping and handling costs can be high. In addition, you need to factor in the cost of the firewood and regular maintenance.

5. Requires more effort to set up

Wood-fired hot tubs require more effort to set up than other types. You need to build a fire and make sure that the wood is of good quality. You also need to treat the water regularly to prevent problems. This can be time-consuming and requires some effort on your part.


Despite the potential drawbacks, wood-fired hot tubs offer a unique experience that’s worth the effort. If you’re looking for a more natural way to relax and enjoy your hot tub, then a wood-fired model is a good option. Just make sure that you’re prepared to put in the extra effort required to maintain it.