How to Build a Sauna at Home

Everyone wants an escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. But what's the price you have to pay for it? 53% of Finns have an outdoor sauna and only 9% use (2) or more devices? The general public has a love for building and maintaining their own saunas. The reason is that they are intimidatingly expensive to buy from stores - not surprisingly! Hense this blog post. We'll teach you how to build your own home sauna so you can share in on the traditional experience without breaking your budget. If you're someone who wishes there was a magical place that

Why get a sauna?

A sauna at home can be a great investment. Saunas are easy to take care of and provide many health related benefits.

All that is needed for this project is some time, money and know-how about DIY projects. A sauna session makes your body feel better. They reduce your stress and increase energy levels. They can also play a huge role in improving your skin and hair. A sauna session is a great way to relax after a long day and release facial tension.

Futhermore, Sauna heat brings blood closer to the skin. The increased blood flow from this means more energy is circulated to the body’s extremities.

The design

Building a sauna start with envisioning the one you want to create: think about what your perfect sauna would be like.

To build a sauna in the free space you have available, it must fit. When measuring for an area at home, take the measurements width, length and height. This will give you a lot of information from which to base your design choices. I always recommend installing your sauna in a garden or outdoor area if you can.

Adding a garden sauna to your home is usually less of a hustle, provided you get the measurements right. You can also build a sauna in an existing shed or garage. It may be wise to contact your local authority for advice about whether you need a construction permit.

The building phase

First, decide whether you want a permanent sauna or one that can be moved. If it’s the latter, make sure your chosen location has power which you’ll need for an electrical outlet and heat elements

You will also need nearby taps. This may not be convenient in an outdoor setting though. It’s worth considering the time and effort you’re willing to put into building a sauna at home beforehand. These things take some getting used to if they aren’t familiar with them already! It takes many hours of work but when it comes together, the feeling is triumphant.

Step 1: Making sure your sauna fits in your chosen location

This is vital because it will save you time, money and frustration. Next, the sauna needs to be built on a sturdy base so that the wood doesn’t rot from moisture. The walls should also have insulation for the same reason. For flooring, wood must be used as this can withstand high temperatures while tiles or concrete.

Step 2: Choosing the wood for your sauna

For those looking to build a sauna at home in a more cost-effective way, you could use planks of cedar or redwood boards instead. The benefits are that these woods last longer than spruce wood.

Step 3: Installing your sauna in your house

This part will largely depend on the sauna you have chosen to install and its design. But in most cases, to build your sauna, you should dig a hole in the ground for it first.

The sauna would be about 20-25 cm lower than its surroundings. this is usually the case if you’re building an outdoor sauna. After that, you need to make sure that the power supply is connected and installed properly before installing your sauna walls.

You will need a sauna heater for it to all work. There are various options:

An infrared cabin

The maximum temperature usually doesn’t exceed 60 degrees. The heater in this sauna will be the infrared light. The radiation in this sauna can provide relief for people with aching muscles and joints or rheumatism.

An electric sauna

This is one of the most common sauna in a home. It is important to ensure that the chosen heater has sufficient power. The insulation of the box will need to be durable enough to protect against high temperatures.

A wooden stove

A wooden stove creates a special ambience and warmth that relaxes you especially if you use sauna rocks. What type of sauna you choose will depend on what you want to achieve and how you want it to look. Some people also like a sauna build that has heating pipes inside.

The other important thing to make sure you get right is the insulation of your sauna. If the sauna is too hot or the heat and steam air is escaping, it might be due to a lack of insulation.

The roofing

The final step in installing your sauna would be adding its roof/ceiling and finishing with wood shingles on top.

FAQs about installing saunas

Is it hard to install a sauna?

No, not at all. You just need your materials and some basic DIY skills. If you don’t have these already check out the link below for more information!

Why should I build my own sauna?

It’s much cheaper than the cost of buying one. Plus you know exactly what’s going in it.

How long does it take to build a sauna?

You can expect your sauna to be ready within around three weeks. The time will depend on the type of wood you are using and the amount of people working on it.

What size should I buy?

It depends on how much floor room you have and how many people you plan on using it. For a family of five, two meters by three and a half meters is the perfect size!

Where should I put my sauna?

This all dependson your preference. If you have a room with an outside door, then inside is perfect!

But if not, consider the outside option. It’s possible for saunaers to forget about toxins or chemicals because they’re outdoors and exposed to fresh air

Where to get the best sauna

If you also want to start your sauna building project. We know where you can start. The trick is to find the most convenient option based on what you want.

For example, a company that is affordable, or a company with free delivery to your location. And don’t forget about the material you’ll need and the room you have.

If you want some inside knowledge about the best choices you can make for yourself, Click the link below: